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  1. The sarcophagi of Carajia, the emblematic image of the lost culture of the Chachapoya Cloud Warriors. Source: newfotografer / Adobe Stock

    Over a thousand years ago, in the mists of the cloud forests of northern Peru, near the source of the mighty Amazon River, the Chachapoya Cloud Warriors reigned supreme.

  2. Adam and Eve illustration.  Source: Mariephotos/Adobe Stock

    Embedded within each individual lies the potential to unlock the profound saga of their ancient lineage.

  3. Dinocephalosaurus fossil which is reminiscent of the mythical Chinese dragon.            Source: Nicholas C. Fraser/Naturkundemuseum

    In the ‘Year of the Dragon’, a poetically perfect discovery has been made as the complete fossil of an aquatic creature that resembles the mythical ‘Chinese Dragon’ has been uncovered!

  4. Close up of the 4,000-year-old copper dagger found in Jarosław, Poland.	Source: Łukasz Śliwiński/PAP

    A copper dagger from over 4,000 years ago was found in near perfect condition in the forests of Jarosław, Poland

  5. Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson has been remembered as one of the greatest naval commanders in British history. Painting by Arthur William Devis. Source: Public domain

    ​The expression “turning a blind eye” denotes the deliberate choice to ignore or overlook something, especially wrongdoing or undesirable information.

  6. AI representation of a Neanderthal couple wearing fur. Source: Ricky/Adobe Stock

    A groundbreaking scientific discovery sheds light on the disappearance of Neanderthals and Denisovans, ancient human populations that once roamed Eurasia.

  7. Close up of the statue of Carcalla at The Casa del Labrador in Aranjuez, Spain. Source: Manel/ CC BY-ND 2.0

    History remembers Caracalla, who reigned over Rome from 198 to 217 AD as one of the empire’s most despotic rulers. He started his reign by killing his brother and massacring his followers before waging multiple bloody campaigns (usually with little to no justification).

  8. The medieval soldier’s remains were found in Lake Asveja, Lithuania

    In the depths of Lithuania's Lake Asveja, divers and archaeologists uncovered the remains of a medieval soldier, a discovery of profound historical significance.

  9. Habsburg family portrait by Martin van Meytens, 1764.        Source: Public Domain

    The Habsburg Empire, a dynasty spanning nearly 600 years, wielded vast influence over central and Eastern Europe. 

  10. The Braintree hoard of 122 Anglo-Saxon pennies, found in Essex, England.      Source: Noonans

    At a recent auction held at Noonans Mayfair in London, a hoard of 122 Anglo-Saxon pennies, discovered near Braintree in Essex by two metal detectorists in 2019, fetched a whopping £325,560, or just over $400,000!